We are there for you when you need us most.

We are here to help, particularly when you need us most. Our dedicated Claims Team are committed to managing the claims process for you to ensure the best possible outcome.

Ever increasing insurance premiums have added to the financial burden already being carried by businesses across various industries.

As a leader in the field of professional insurance solutions for various sectors in Australia, AEI Insurance Broking Group have recognized this fact, and to counter this we have introduced a unique claims management division

The aim of the claims division is to assist in keeping our client’s claim costs to a minimum, and where possible, avoid claims being lodged against the policy. We do not take the easy option of lodging each and every claim with the insurer. Our claims division can actively attempt recovery of losses of every kind when the Third Party is liable for the accident. Claims that fall below insurance policy excesses can also be handled by Austbrokers AEI Insurance Broking Group Claims Division.

Heavy Motor Vehicle Claim

Claims for accidents or damages involving commercial vehicles like trucks and sedans. Get compensation for unforeseen incidents covered under heavy motor insurance.

Marine Carriers Claim

Claims for lost, damaged, or delayed shipments during maritime transport. Seek reimbursement for cargo-related issues covered by marine carriers' insurance

Public Liability Claim

Claims related to third-party injury or property damage on your premises. Seek coverage for incidents covered under public liability insurance policies.
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Notify our office of any accident

A notification of a claim to our office is not binding for you to action and can be withdrawn. It is merely a safeguard to protect you from any claims or demands that you may receive as a result of an incident.

We’ll establish the best course of action and advise you of the procedure to be adopted in order to pursue your claim. A completed claim form is generally required and should be completed as soon as possible after the event.

For the theft of property and money, it is necessary to report the loss to the police.

In all cases involving a known or potential claim involving your liability to other partners, it is essential that you do not admit liability or make any offer of settlement to the other part as your right to indemnify under your insurance may be prejudiced.

To complement our dedicated claims team, in 2011, we established our own independent emergency assistant support. This allows us to become more involved with the management of repairs on our clients behalf and ensure a more streamlined repair of the vehicle from start to get the vehicle back on the road.

Claims Specialists
with a combined experience of more than 50 years.

We are fully aware of the needs of our clients once a claim arises. Essential ingredients such as urgency and understanding of the diverse industries, make the difference when an AEI Insurance Broking Group Claims Manager provide your claims with the personal attention they require.