General Insurance

Our approach to protecting your business

Types of General Insurance

To help you understand which insurance solutions might be appropriate for you, we have listed out the major classes of insurance.

Commercial Motor Fleet (Sedans/Utilities/4WD)

Whether you have one vehicle or 100 vehicles, AEI can provide a tailored solution to your Commercial Motor Vehicle requirements. Motor Vehicle Fleet provides a cost effective option in comparison to insuring vehicles individually with multiple Insurers. It provides uniformity in coverage and claims procedures and assists in minimising the administration of multiple company policies. Motor Fleet policies also have a broad range of additional benefits that a traditional single vehicle policy normally do not cover.

Business Insurance

You’ve worked hard to build a thriving business, but life can be unpredictable. While we have your business risk covered, in a serious event what you value most could also be at risk – you, your family and your livelihood.  Properly structured life cover is the most important financial asset your family can own, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family are covered.

Industrial Special Risks

The Industrial Special Risks Policy or more commonly known as ISR provides an ‘all risk’ style policy for larger companies with asset values generally exceeding $5million in value. Policy can be tailored to suit individual requirements and combine both the Property and Business Interruption Sections. It provides a streamlined approach particularly with businesses that have multiple locations.

Public & Products Liability

A necessity for anyone or any company operating a business. Provides coverage for Personal Injury and / or Property Damage caused by or in connection with your Business and Products as a result of your negligence. Limits can be tailored to suit individual business requirements but generally would be a minimum of $10,000,000 up to larger more complex risks requiring $250,000,000. Excess Liability and Umbrella Liability solutions can also be tailored to suit business requirements.

Child Care Insurance

AEI Insurance Broking Group understands the requirements you need to run your centre, but most importantly giving you comfort and security that coverage is not limited when it comes to the care of the most precious assets, the children that attend your centre!

Management Liability

Provides protection for the Directors and Officers, and the Company itself against the many exposures relating to the management of a company. Cover includes but is not limited to, Alleged Wrongful Acts by the company or individual, Sexual Harassment, Unfair Dismissal, Crime (Fraud / Embezzlement), Statutory Liability and Tax Investigation.

Professional Indemnity

Provides protection against a breach of a company or individuals professional business practice. Unlike the Public / Products Liability coverage which provides for Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage, the Professional Indemnity coverage is designed to protect business against financial losses that they cause to a third party. Any business or individual who provides a fee for their services should hold a policy.

Construction and Liability Insurance

Also known as Contract Works Insurance, provides comprehensive coverage for the Builder against Loss or Damage to the Building works during the construction phase, as well as their Legal Liability. Policy types range from a single project (ie Owner/ Builder) to the larger building companies that require an annual policy covering all contracts. Policy provides coverage against losses such as Fire , Malicious Damage, as well as Theft from the site.

Corporate Travel Insurance

For companies that engage in travel both within Australia and Overseas, the Corporate Travel policy provides broad coverage against losses such as Medical & Hospital Costs, Personal Liability, Hire Car Excess, Missed Transport Connections, Kidnapping, Hijack and Ransom. Policy is also designed to incorporate Private Leisure Travel for Directors and Senior Management positions such as CEO’s, CFO’s as well as any accompanying Spouses / Partners and Dependent Children.

Cyber Liability

With the ever increasing threat of a data breach, cyber liability insurance is no longer a luxury, but an integral part of your daily business. Cyber liability insurance can protect your business from threats such as hackers and a host of other threats that can leave a lasting impact on your business. It’s important to learn what threats you are facing and how to mitigate that risk.

Commercial Strata Insurance

Commercial Strata Insurance is designed to protect the specific insurance needs of commercial strata title properties, not always catered for under a standard commercial property insurance policy. Key features include Property Cover (Building and Common Area Contents), Public Liability, Office Bearers Liability, Voluntary Workers Personal Accident, Machinery Breakdown.