Child Care Insurance

AEI Insurance Broking Group Childcare Insurance services understands the requirements you need to run your centre.

Our Specialty Childcare Division understands the requirements you need to run your centre, but most importantly giving you comfort and security that coverage is not limited when it comes to the care of the most precious assets, the children that attend your centre!

Property Insurance

Coverage for building, contents, shade sails, all fit out and equipment, playground soft fall equipment, machinery
breakdown, food spoilage, loss of income, for all your property insurance needs.

Combined Liability Insurance

(Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability)

Most policies restrict coverage for future claims, this can be an important and major problem in the childcare industry as the current law states a child has until the age 18 to make a claim against the centre they attended for negligence, injury etc. The statute of limitation provides an additional three (3) years, up to 21 years of age, to lodge a claim.

It’s important to note that certain things such as molestation
are not limited by the statute of limitations so effectively a claim for molestation could happen anytime.

To ensure you are protected, you will need to carry and hold
cover in place until the youngest child in care is at least 21 years old or for molestation, for the life of the child. In the event a child suffered abuse they would likely suffer bodily injury, shock, mental anguish or mental injury, this cover is provided.

Management Liability Insurance

There has never been a more challenging time for business owners and managers running a business! Despite your best intentions, breaches of legislation and compliance can still happen, these can bring exposure to company directors, officers and managers.

Management liability also protects the business from claims for wrongful dismissal or discrimination by past or present employees.

We can arrange:

  • Insurance which will cover FUTURE claims arising out of personal injury or property damage
  • Financial assistance for out of pocket expenses and lump sum payment for loss of or damage to childrens teeth
  • Personal accident coverage for children and also volunteers
  • Assistance for new centres requiring insurance for license applications
  • Advice and insurance for employment issues (wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal etc) and coverage for directors and officers for wrongful acts in managing your centre
  • Coverage for loss of income due to a fire, storm, damage etc
  • Structured insurance policies to meet your insurance needs
  • Pay by the month options
  • Exceptional claims services

We will assist with all types of operators:

• Long Day Care

• Property Owners of Childcare Centres

• Occasional and Vacation Care

• Outside School Hours Care

• Kindergartens/Preschools

• Stand-alone home-based childcare