Why do I need a broker?

There are many reasons, but to put it simply it’s all about managing risk with the right insurance products and solutions – so that you have complete assurance and peace of mind about your business continuity.

  • We have the expertise, industry experience and knowledge to ensure that you have the appropriate level of cover.
  • We develop a deep understanding of your business and what your exposures are, and the most cost effective solutions to protect it – a very difficult thing to do on-line.
  • Our technical expertise and market knowledge means we have access to all the available and appropriate insurance products and solutions, and will bring them to you, saving you hours of time on research and comparisons – time better spent on your business.
  • In the event of a claim, we can be the difference between business continuity and business failure – for example our Business Financial Impact Review will ensure that your insurance programme correctly addresses your exposure to loss of cash flow. This is a critical review component in any commercial insurance programme – because without cash flow business can’t operate.

How does the Broking Process work?

Our insurance broking model centres on creating strong partnerships with our clients based around developing an in-depth knowledge of their business, identifying critical business impact risks, and tailoring individual insurance solutions for their unique circumstances.

Our initial review process is to audit your current insurance policies examining three key areas of protection – namely Assets, Liabilities and Statutory (eg CTP and Workers Compensation) – and identify areas of risk.

We then thoroughly research the market, identify appropriate solutions, structure the right level of cover and secure the best possible pricing.

We’ll regularly review your cover to ensure it remains optimized, and act on your behalf in the unfortunate event of a claim to completely manage the situation and secure the best possible outcome for you.

"The insurance broking profession is about helping you to navigate the unavoidable complexities of insurance products and markets so you can appropriately manage the risks affecting you."

Will it cost me more to use a broker?

This is a common misconception.

In many instances we can save our clients money through structuring the correct level and type of cover. And in the event of a claim, it is critical that you have the right cover to ensure the best possible outcome and your business continuity.

"We’ll save you hours of time – time better spent on your business."