Our Approach

We are objective and always have your interests firmly in our sights.
We’re committed to providing you with business assurance, not just commercial insurance.

Our philosophy is quite simple -

First and foremost
we work for you,
our client.

We develop an in-depth understanding of your particular business circumstances and needs, structure the correct cover, and manage all aspects of your business risk and protection so that you can get on with what you know best – running your business.

In the event of a claim, we are there for you when you need us most – providing a demonstrable return on your investment in this most critical area of business.

In fact this is when we’ll work hardest for you, managing the situation in a time of crisis, and achieving the best possible claims outcome for you.

With our expertise, capabilities and relationships, we’ve achieved thousands of dollars in savings for clients that would not have been possible otherwise.

Better Outcome
for Your Business

Our Purpose

  • To be an industry leader and preferred partner for our clients, colleagues and suppliers.

Our Vision

  • To deliver customised insurance solutions in an innovative and professional manner.

The Meaning of Our Values


We promise to provide peace of mind, protecting your assets while delivering market-leading solutions and superior service beyond your expectations.


At AEI we pride ourselves in providing tailored insurance solutions through quality partnerships, which have been built over our 40 years history with external providers and industry associations.


By being a trustworthy and collaborative partner, we create mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and service providers.


At AEI, we always endeavour to act with the utmost honesty and integrity in the best interest of all our stakeholders and community.


Your unique business deserves an AEI tailored solution. Trust in AEI’s tailored solutions to protect your unique business. Off the shelf is boring. Trust in a custom made solution.